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from the showroom to when you decide to sell it.

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That means never settling for anything less than what your Ferrari is really worth.

We buy all Ferraris! From exotic car dealerships to private collections to brokers to everyday driven cars–we will buy them all. We won’t try to sell you another car off our used car floor. We sure as heck won’t list your car on consignment or advertise it on AutoTrader or DuPont Registry. We don’t have to look for real-world potential buyers. And we don’t need to test drive your supercar or ask the bank for a loan. We simply BUY!

How you may ask?
Simple, Safe, & Fast

Others may falsely promise top dollar while other dealers may low ball your trade-in. We will give you a fair cash offer fast, handle the transportation, get you paid, and get you back to what got you to own the Ferrari in the first place. And If you have a lien? No worries; we’ll pay that off, too!

And you can get that when you do business with us.

Hassle-free Process,
Top-dollar Results

We’re interested in buying the vehicles that made Enzo Ferrari a household name worldwide.

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Get a premium cash offer fast.

Our experts will evaluate the real value of your car.


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We pick up your vehicle, free of charge.

Any location in the United States (even Hawai’i!).


Get paid—that’s it!

(No, really. That’s it!)