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The GTC4 Lusso breaks the typical Ferrari motorcar mold by sporting a four seat hatchback, twin turbo, shooting brake coupe body style. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission and V12 engine pair perfectly with the all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and optimized weight distribution to deliver a superior ride, producing up to 561 lb-ft of torque and reaching a top speed of 208 MPH. Truly, it is a feat of Italian craftmanship forging power and versatility, and therefore deserves top dollar. For whatever reason you may be looking to offload your supercar, you should never settle for anything less than what it is worth.

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We’ll Buy Your Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

In addition to your used Ferrari GTC4 Lusso—either the original four-wheel drive version or the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T with rear-wheel drive system—we are interested in buying Ferrari models of all kinds, including the Ferrari FF, Roma, 488 GTB, Portofino, and more.

As long as your car has the iconic Ferrari prancing horse, we’d be happy to take a look and offer you a quote in just minutes.

Selling Your Ferrari?
Don’t Waste Your Time With Others

You could have many reasons to sell your Ferrari. It could be that you want to try your hand at a sporty Porsche, McLaren, BMW, Bentley, or Lamborghini. Perhaps you want a brand-new Ferrari 812 Superfast or Roma. Maybe you simply want to liquidate an asset you don’t get to use enough.

We don’t care. Whatever your reason behind selling a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, you’re probably aware that selling a high-end car such as this one is much more nuanced than selling your average Toyota.

Unique challenges of selling an exotic car:

Dealerships have low-ball offers
Selling to a private buyer can be risky
There’s only a small pool of qualified buyers
You may waste your time with fake “interested buyers”

So Why Choose Us?

1. We won’t low-ball you

Most dealerships recognize that turning a profit on an exotic car like the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso can be tricky. That’s why they will never offer you top dollar—they instead just want you to trade in your car for one of their own cars from the lot. Don’t drive from dealer to dealer only to get low-ball offers.

We are car lovers and we know that the Ferrari brand is iconic. Come to us first so that we can offer you what your Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is truly worth!

2. We are a reputable company

Seller-to-seller sales sound great but they can be risky. First of all, a private buyer will most likely try to haggle with you. And then once you agree on a price, you run the risk of the buyer not having the appropriate funds to pay you.

When we enter negotiations, we won’t try to price-drop you. The first offer you receive is fair and it is what we pay you in cash, ASAP.

3. We can offer CASH NOW

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso’s are expensive (and for good reason). The price tags that they subsequently reach eliminates a large percentage of the population looking for a new car. Therefore, you only have a very small number of people who are able to afford your used Ferrari and, chances are, they are going to be very particular about what they’re looking for.

We will take a look at any type of Ferrari with any features and specs! We are simply interested in vehicles that made Enzo Ferrari a household name worldwide and we have the cash in hand to take it off your hands!

4. We won’t waste your time

There are many people that do not have the means to purchase high-end or classic cars like a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, but they may contact you and pretend to be interested in purchasing when they are really just looking at a chance to get behind the wheel of a one-of-a-kind automobile. This wastes your precious time and resources.

We have many years of experience owning, repairing, buying, and selling high-end used cars, including Ferraris. We want to make this process as smooth and fast as possible because we’ve done it so many times before with other happy customers!


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